The Bloomverse core team is a simple and efficient recipe for success: Chief Innovation Officer Fernando Cortes is an ex-pro gamer, Jungian Psychologist and entrepreneur that has been involved in the formation of more than 10 startups, most of them being successful companies to this day. He has exited all of them and committed his full time to this new project. Head of game economy.
In his previous position as Director of Economy at Star Atlas, the largest Web3 game on the Solana network, Steven Sabol authored and published five highly successful Economic Quarterly reports. These reports are largely seen as setting the foundation for the field of Metaverse Economic Analysis. Chief Technology Officer Full stack software developing beast, Rodrigo Marruenda stopped working for the likes of Motorola, WarnerBros, NFL, Porsche and Microsoft to instead focus on bringing Bloomverse to life. Head of Sustainability and Behavioral Science Creator of the Octalysis framework, when we say Yu-Kai Chou wrote the book on gamification, we mean that literally. Awarded #1 Gamification Guru of the year for multiple years, by multiple organizations, Yu-Kai’s career and global influence are too lengthy to summarize, we suggest you look him up and see why our combined team is the perfect recipe for unparalleled gaming innovation. Head of Product Development David Amezcua is a startup growth specialist that helped turn Rappi into one of the first Billion Dollar valuation Latin American companies, he has the same plans for Bloomverse. Head of Partnership Management With an MBA from Harvard Business School, Jack O'Neill has successfully led teams and launched technology products for multiple Fortune 100 companies. In addition to these team members, Bloomverse is comprised of over a dozen hard working, extraordinary individuals, from community managers to 3D artists and developers, together we are bringing Bloomverse to life!